Urbex in Berlin with the X-Pro2

A while ago I posted on Instagram & Facebook that I was looking for a couple to shoot a joyfulness session with while I was in Berlin. Due to a schedule mismatch that shoot didn’t happen. But, I was also contacted by Jeroen & Sarah. Jeroen is a Belgian student living in Berlin and his girlfriend was just visiting that week. He lured me with an über cool urbex location that you can’t find in any of the tour guides. “BLUB”, An abandoned swimming pool complex. And I’m a sucker for Urbex locations ….

Flying economy meant that I didn’t have much room in my carry-on. Not that big of a worry when you shoot a compact mirrorless system. I left with my X-PRO2 , the XF35mm and XF16mm plus bunch of batteries.

We spent a fun afternoon and ended up having a couple of drinks on a hipster rooftop bar (upper level of parking garage) with excellent views over Berlin.


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After the shoot A. doubtfully asked me : “Is this what you are looking for?” I evaded the question a bit. I wasn’t sure. When I got home and saw the pictures I sent a message to A. “This was exactly what I was looking for!”

It’s tough to explain what exactly I’m after, or what I’m hoping for when I shoot these sessions. I arrive without any real plans or expectations. I just want the pictures to look raw, passionate, pure & real.

I truly feel privileged to be allowed into the privacy of their home and personal sphere. Thank you A & P!

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Want to participate? I’ve written down my basic thoughts about these sessions and tried to answer some basic questions.
Get in touch & hope to see you soon.

Gear: X-PRO2 & 35mm 1.4, X-T1 & XF16. Natural light only.

5 years of X

Last week it was a facebook memory that reminded me that I shot my first frame with the Fujifilm X system 5 years ago. A test shot of our cat, made with the original X100 while I was skimming through the manual. A picture I didn’t pay much attention to at the time. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago we lost our cat, and that makes this picture a memory. One that wouldn’t be there if I didn’t take that picture at then & there.

For 5 years I’ve been happy using different Fujifulm X-Series camera’s to take pictures of my children, my family, our holidays. They are camera’s I don’t mind to snag from the shelf and toss over my shoulder when I go out the door. So if you look past all the technical aspects and megapixels, for me, this is the biggest accomplishment Fujifilm has made. So thank you for 5 years of memories!

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Some random images from the archives