Marcels Moestuin – A Father & Son camping night.

People often ask how we both manage 2 jobs and family life. (Passion?) Everybody has to find a balance between work & family that works for them. And once and a while, you have to unwind. That is exactly what I did last weekend. Me and my oldest son Bent went on a one day camping trip organized by Marcels Moestuin. Quality time! The event was aimed towards fathers & toddlers (Kampeeravondje voor vaders met kleuters). A simple idea, a flawless execution, great people, delicious Haute dogs and a perfect summer night. On to our next adventure.

I brought one camera and one lens and snapped some pictures. (Fujifilm XPRO2/XF23)

Trouwshoot in de Lommelse Sahara // After wedding session

Digging in the archive & updating my portfolio I came across this unblogged session from a couple of years back. I can’t believe I didn’t do anything with these yet.

There are a couple or reasons why you would want to have your wedding session pictures taken after the wedding.

  • You don’t want to stress on your wedding about about the “available time” for pictures.
  • You don’t want to be away from the guests too long
  • You want that unique locations
  • You want to pick out perfect weather & conditions
  • There is more time for pictures
  • You want your pictures to be awesome!

Click here for weddings inquiries & bookings.

Joyfulness #3

It felt good to find some time to shoot another #joyfulness session with this sweet couple. I didn’t find my magic formula yet, and maybe I should stop looking, there is no “right” way to approach these shoots. All I know is that when I come home and I look at the pictures , I smile and feel grateful I can do this.

Fujifilm XPRO2 – XF35f2 / Fujifilm XT1 – XF16 & XF23. Natural light.

Note: This is a personal project of mine, always looking for candidates, for more info, check here. Looking for couples in the US. Travel dates for October (San Fransisco, California, Arizona, National Parks!) PM for details.

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Backyard love – Aftermath



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